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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Floral Preservation? 

Floral preservation is the process that extracts moisture from the flowers, sealing the color and the natural shape. The colors of the flowers are deepened and enhanced, leaving them as if they were still standing in water. All flowers are displayed inside a virtually airtight environment which keeps the flowers protected from dust and other types of damage.

When and How to Order?

Contact me to set up an appointment before your wedding (or other floral event) or let me know as soon as possible after the event.  It is recommended that you make your appointment at least one month prior to your event to discuss flowers that dry the best, your own decor, and to pick out frame and display options.  If your event has already occurred act quickly; the fresher your flowers, the better. It is best if I receive your flowers no later than 3-4 days after your event. Please call/text to make arrangements as soon as possible.

How Long Does Floral Preservation Take?

Most bouquets can be dried, reassembled and encased within 8-10 months.  Please keep in mind that I work full time and have young, active children, so my turn around time may not be in line with what you are looking for.  If you cannot be patient, I will not be offended if you choose another artist.  

How Long Will My Flowers Last?

It is up to you the customer to do your part in taking care of your display.  As a general rule, unless your encasement has been dropped or mishandled, your encasement should remain beautiful.

These are some care instructions that go along with your finished product:

  1. Never use any cleaning products on you frames or domes. Use only cotton cloths and water if necessary.

  2. Keep your encasement as far away from any water sources as possible. Although most domes are UV protected, to protect from fading, it is suggested that you keep your encasement away from direct sunlight.

  3. There is no warranty against scratches, fading or moisture damage.


How Much Does Preservation Cost?

The cost depends upon the type and size of encasement you choose.  The prices include the preservation, a consultation, and an encasement of your choice.  I have a variety of elegant high quality ornate frames as well as a complete selection of colorful archival quality mats. Additional items such as invitations, photos, rosaries, boutonnieres can be included at no extra charge.


Do Flowers Change Color And Can All Flowers Be Preserved?
The age and the condition of the flowers at the time they are received plays a role in how well they are preserved. Ask your florist that your flowers be as fresh as possible. Preservation will cause some color changes in your flowers. Some white flowers dry a creamy color and some colors, especially red flowers, dry darker. Flowers that are received in poor condition can be replaced at a minimal charge. Call me for more information.


How Do I Care For My Flowers Following My Wedding?

If your bouquet is not being picked up on the day of your event, make sure to clip the ends of the stems and place into a vase with cold water.  If you received a floral packet for freshening your flowers, put this into the water. 


If your bridal bouquet is in an Oasis (white plastic holder with green foam), pour cold water into the Oasis foam. This should not require too much water.  Gently shake off any excess water from the holder.


Do not hang your flowers upside down or put them in the freezer. It is best if you can keep them in fresh water and keep them in a cool place (not freezing!). A pick-up service is available to most Metro-Detroit wedding venues.  A pick-up time will be discussed at the time of your deposit, so as to allow you time to take pictures with your bouquet at your wedding reception. 


Flower food packets can be added to the water to help your flowers look their best.  You can get this at most grocery stores that sell flowers.


Bring any extra flowers from the wedding you may have (brides maids, table decorations or cake flowers) since some flowers get smashed or damaged during your event this way they can be replaced if needed.


For grooms boutonnieres you may want to have two boutonnieres made or before it’s time to meet and greet, remove the boutonniere and put it somewhere safe, since they seem to get damaged the most.  If something does happen to the boutonniere, I can recreate it for you.

Where can I display my flowers?

The best place to display your dried floral arrangement is indoors. Keep them out of direct light, sunlight, heat or humidity. Also keep them somewhere they will not be bumped or moved too much because the leaves are delicate and can break very easily. Do not store/display the flowers in overly damp or dry areas like basements and attics.

You understandably want to display your dried flowers where they can be seen. And that means light. You need light to show off their true colors. But too much direct light either from the sun, or from artificial lighting can cause dried flowers to fade. Of course, it's not just dried flowers. Carpets, upholstery, and silk flowers will also fade in direct light. The more direct light-the shorter the life.

How to care for my display (Dried Flowers):

The thing about dried flowers is that they are real flowers. They are real flowers that have been given an extended life - not immortality! How long your dried flowers last, depends mostly on how you care for them.


The humidity levels play an even more important role in the longevity of your dried flowers. Too much humidity and the dried flowers will begin to suck up moisture from the air causing them to become wimpy and the color to fade out, or even worse, mold. Too little humidity and of course the dried flowers will dry out and can become brittle. Of the two extremes, too much humidity is the biggest enemy. That's why many people who love dried flowers opt not to display them in an area of their home that is often damp - like a bathroom with a busy shower.


What is ideal in humidity for your health and comfort is ideal for your dried flowers?

40% is generally accepted as ideal. Now don't get too worried over that. A plus or minus of 5 or 10 percent isn't going to destroy your flowers overnight. If you don't know the humidity level in your home, you may want to consider purchasing a humidity monitor. I recommend the AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor which can be purchased for under $15 on Amazon.


Again, just be aware - especially with the plus side, as you go up, you're losing a little life. There is one other very important point that needs to be made regarding humidity levels. If you have any preserved items, you need to be particularly aware of this. When the humidity gets too high, preserved items will sweat much the same as a glass of water will sweat in high humidity situations. This won't be a problem, as long as you are not experiencing high levels of humidity where you are displaying your dried flowers. If you are perspiring, your preserved flowers will too.


Properly cared for, they will be pretty for you for a very long time.

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